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Visiting 29Rooms Los Angeles

March 2, 2018

This is a super late post from my visit to Refinery 29’s to 29Rooms LA, but since the experience was so fun it felt wrong to not share it.

29Rooms Los Angeles

Pop up art experiences seem to be the new weekend adventure for anyone in or near a major city. My boyfriend and I visited the Happy Place as our first experiential event and it wasn’t really what we had hoped for. But God is always good, and he must have heard my wishful thinking, because a co-worker and lovely friend of mine knew someone who wanted to sell two tickets to the first weekend of another pop-up, 29Rooms – and to my lovely surprise, she actually bought our tickets for us as a Christmas gift!

29Rooms is an interactive art experience in a warehouse featuring, you guessed it, 29 rooms full of art and inspiration across all mediums. It is an annual event and this year’s theme was “Turn it into Art”.

Tickets and Pricing

Since my tickets for the event were a gift, the pricing was perfect for me – that free .99! But at $19 for general admission for three hours of exploring, the pricing wasn’t bad at all. We paid about $60 total for Happy Place for half of the quality of experience, to be honest.

29Rooms even offers an After Dark Ticket for fewer crowds and some libations for the price of $85 per ticket. I would have paid that price too since you’d have more of the funhouse to yourself.

Location and Parking

Location of 29Rooms was at the ROW DTLA, so it was very easy to find with convenient parking. We had to pay for a day of parking, but it was all good since we didn’t pay for our admission.

29Rooms Experiences (AKA My Favorite Rooms)

So I’ll tell you this upfront, I did not get to experience all 29 rooms. During the event, you’re given about three hours to explore the entire warehouse, which at first sounds like a lot of time but after you wait in lines for some exhibits, time starts to fly. There was so much to experience in only three hours, which was a good and bad thing for us!

Room 26 “Under the Shea Tree”

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE Shea Moisture! From their hair product line to their lotion and body oils, and their beard line for my beau, I’m a legit Shea Moisture addict. When I saw some posts on the 29Rooms Instagram Stories about the Shea Moisture “tree”, it was the first place that I needed to hit up.

I loved the pink sand and sunset colors of the room – not to mention I was eyeing all of the product display in hopes of taking one home. Underneath the trees were opportunities to learn more about Shea Moisture’s ethical supply chain and their community commerce. Did you know that 10 percent of the community commerce sales go back to the women-led business that supplies the ingredients for Shea Moisture?

Room 2: “Harmony”

The Harmony “room” was a second priority, because I’ve loved Chole X Halle ever since my college roommate shared their YouTube cover videos. To see them featured with Refinery 29 was awesome to witness! The structure and movement of this piece (by Benjamin Shine) was beautiful and you put on the paired headphones to listen to their voices is bewitching.

The staff member surprised me when she mentioned most people didn’t know who these talented young ladies are. If you don’t know them, check out the video below, then look them up on Youtube, discover them in Beyonce’s last visual album, listen for them in the new Wrinkle in Time soundtrack, and watch them on Grownish – bless your ears and bless your life.

Room 21: “What’s Your Frequency”

Celebrities and brands were significant collaborators in the immersive rooms on display, a personal favorite of mine was directed by Janelle Monae. The room features rows of mannequins standing with surveillance cameras recording all who entered. Monae is a creative and thoughtful artist; her installment was a statement of cultural uniformity and a challenge to take creative control. This room was one of my favorite solely based on excellent lighting and messaging!

Room 1: “Become the Masterpiece”

Become the Masterpiece had one of the longer lines at the 29Rooms because it gave the opportunity to hop into a work of art and become it. I’d like to personally thank the guy manning this room! Usually, I am quite uncomfortable being in front of the camera, but the staff member was so fun and hands-on.

Room 12: “Hear our Voice”

This room should be up higher, to be honest. The room was beautifully covered in Refiner29 postcards highlighting women and immigrant rights. Even better, on a table in the center of the room with a list of state representatives, each postcard was printed and available anyone to write each politician a note. Excersing your voice for what you believe in is a consistent theme within the Refinery29 values and I’m grateful they gave the opportunity to share visitor’s voices!

Other Rooms I wished I had Explored

As I mentioned before, the three hours in this fun house just flies by, so there were a few more rooms that I wasn’t to go through sadly. Below are some other rooms to that I didn’t get to visit but wish I did.

Netflix’s “One Woman Many Crowns” Room

“Just Be” Room

“The Future is Female” Room

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