About Me

Curiousli.com is where I share my experiences, from starting up my career to traveling outside this Southern California bubble, and promoting a positive lifestyle. Honestly, it ’s a personal archive of things that I am currently learning and things that I already know and love! Not really seeking fame and fortune here, just want to be able to share and own something of my own.

As someone who has lived most of her life in her comfort zone, I know firsthand the challenge of stepping outside the bounds–that you usually draw for yourself. What it means to live Curious(li) is to take steps (whether significant or microscopic) forward in any facet of your life, experience whatever occurs to the fullest, and adjust to grow for the better. It is the simple, conscious decision to try something new.

Who is this Curiousli?

Well hello, I’m Li, the woman behind the keyboard. I enjoy flowers and plants because I believe I grow like one — patiently, growing deeper into the soil of solid relationships, good food, and toward the life-affirming creativity and success.

By day I work as a social media manager working simultaneously within an agency’s social, digital, and PR departments to blend data-driven ideas with insights to form creative solutions that drive real business results within the social realm. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and with a Master of Arts in Public Relations.

Much of what I do in my profession fuels the content here on my blog because I love what I do! Besides jotting down my experiences and lifestyle tips, expect to see an education element to my posts on how to enhance your social media chops!

If you’d like to know more about my capabilities check our resume here:

In my life off the grid, I savor my time with my beau, hanging out on our #ProlyphiLiAdventures, and hanging out with my friends and mum. I don’t have a dog, so I pretty much daydream about having my sanctuary of corgis every day. If I had another chance at a different career, I’d be involved in some type of science focused career – perhaps astronomy because I admire the next frontier, space! Being a light to those that I care for is very important to me. Even more important, self-care and overall wellness are my everyday priorities because your well-being should always be your priority.

If you ever want to get in touch, I’m just a tweet or email away! Feel free to contact me here or follow me on social and say hi.